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Black Fungus: DHSK issues advisory

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Srinagar: The Directorate of Health Services Kashmir has issued an advisory for the prevention of Mucormycosis (Black Fungus) after such cases were reported in Covid-19 patients in many parts of India.
“Better control of the sugar levels during COVID with or without steroids. Judicious use of steroids observing correct timing, correct dose and correct duration,” the advisory said.
It said there should be judicious use of antibiotics or antifungal drugs. “To use clean, sterile water for humidifiers during the oxygen therapy, use distilled or sterile water, never use unboiled tap water or mineral water,” it said.
“Fill up to 10 mm below the maximum fill line, check the water level twice daily and top it up as necessary. Ensure that once a week all the components of the humidifier should be soaked in a mild antiseptic solution for 30 minutes, rinsed with clean water and dried in air,” the advisory said.
“As such, All Chief Medical Officers/ Medical Superintendents/Block Medical Officers and administrators of private hospitals are hereby directed to adhere to the above-said guidelines strictly in order to prevent Mucormycosis,” it said.
“Furthermore, Chief Medical officers are directed to ensure that the safety of steroids by retail medical shop owners is regulated and dispensed only under a valid medical prescription,” it added.

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