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Gandhi Nagar hospital declared temporary Covid-19 dedicated hospital

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MS advises all consultants to discharge all non-Covid patients

Jammu: Authorities in Gandhi Nagar hospital in Jammu on Tuesday closed all the Out-Patient Departments (OPDs) after the hospital was declared as dedicated Covid-19 hospital in view of surge in Covid-19 cases across Jammu and Kashmir.

In an order, issued by Medical Superintendent government hospital Gandhi Nagar Jammu, said that all OPDs have been closed from today as the hospital has been declared as temporary Covid-19 dedicated hospital.

“As Govt. Hospital Gandhi Nagar Jammu has been declared as temporary Covid-19 dedicated hospital w.e.f 27-04-2021 at 10.00 am, all the OPDs are closed, and all the consultants are advised to discharge all the non-COVID patients or refer them to other centre,” the order reads—(KNO)

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