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Corona infection can’t be life threatening post vaccination: Dr Naveed to PM Modi

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Second wave of COVID has shaken country; we will soon come out of crisis: PM

Srinagar: Head of Department, chest disease hospital, Dr Naveed Nazir Shah told Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday that all the misconceptions about the vaccine are baseless as its efficacy is more than 60% and though one can get infected even after vaccination but infection can’t be life-threatening.

Talking to Prime Minister, Narendra Modi in “Man ki Baat” on the unprecedented surge of Covid-19 cases in India, Dr Naveed said that that at the start of pandemic, the first designated Covid hospital in Kashmir was chest diseases hospital and an atmosphere of fear was there among people who had the impression that infection means death sentence.

With the passage of time, we saw that if we use proper protective gear and follow safety guidelines, we will ensure our safety as well as that of our supporting staff’ and the patients, Dr Naveed told PM.

On the unprecedented spike in second wave, Dr Naveed told the Prime Minister, “We need not get panicked. Even now if we follow all protective measures and follow SOPs like the use of masks and hand sanitizers and maintain social distance and avoid social gatherings, we can continue our daily routine while protecting ourselves from infection.”

When asked by PM Modi about the protective strength of the vaccine questioned by people, Dr Naveed said: “We have two vaccines available now, trials have shown that their efficacy is more than 60%.”

Dr Naveed also told Prime Minister that in Jammu and Kashmir till date, 15 to 16 Lakh people have got themselves vaccinated despite the fact that several misconceptions and myths are being circulated on social media about the side effects of vaccines.

Offering further explanations on apprehensions about the side effects, Dr Naveed told the Prime Minister “till date in the entire process, we have not found any side effect. The only usual side effects, associated with every vaccine such as fever, pain in the entire body, pain at the site of vaccination were witnessed”.

He also told the Prime Minister ‘another apprehension people have is that a few people tested positive even after vaccination but here the companies themselves have said in their guidelines that people can get infection even after vaccination but the severity of the disease will not be life-threatening.

“I appeal the people to come forward and get themselves vaccinated for their protection as well as the protection of our society and community,” Dr Naveed said.

Earlier, while noting that the second wave of COVID-19 is testing people’s patience and their capacity to endure pain, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said on Sunday that this “toofan” (storm) has shaken the country after it was full of enthusiasm and self-confidence after successfully tackling the first wave.

In his monthly Mann Ki Baat broadcast, Modi spoke to doctors, nurses and frontline workers, who shared their experience and views on the disease, and expressed confidence that people will soon come out of this crisis.

The over 30-minute broadcast was entirely focussed on the pandemic, which has been rampaging across the country for weeks, with Modi asserting that defeating the disease is the biggest priority.

Modi began the programme by taking note of people’s sufferings.

“Many of our near and dear ones have left us untimely. After successfully confronting the first wave of Corona, the country was full of enthusiasm, full of self-confidence, but this storm has shaken the country,” he said.

He urged people to go for vaccination against the disease and cautioned them against rumours about it.

The Centre, he said, will continue to provide jabs free of cost to the eligible people (those over 45 years of age).

“We have to accord priority to the expert and scientific advice at this time to win this battle,” he said.

Modi also appealed to states to extend the benefit of the Centre’s free vaccine campaign to the maximum number of people.

“The government of India is applying its entire might to give a fillip to endeavours of state governments. The state governments too are trying their best to fulfil their responsibilities,” he said.

Meanwhile, as many as 551 dedicated pressure swing Adsorption (PSA) medical oxygen generation plants will be set up inside public health facilities across the country to boost availability of the life-saving gas amid its shortage in several states battling the COVID-19 surge.

The PMO said on Sunday that the PM Cares Fund has given in-principle approval for allocation of funds for their installation, with Prime Minister Narendra Modi directing these plants should be made functional as soon as possible.

These dedicated plants will be established in identified government hospitals in district headquarters in various states and union territories, and their procurement will be done through the Health and Family Welfare ministry.

The PM Cares Fund had earlier this year allocated Rs 201.58 crores for installation of additional 162 dedicated PSA medical oxygen generation plants inside public health facilities in the country, the PMO noted.

It said the basic aim behind establishing PSA oxygen plants at government hospitals in the district headquarters is to further strengthen the public health system and ensure that each of these hospitals has a captive oxygen generation facility.

Such an in-house captive oxygen generation facility would address the day-to-day medical oxygen needs of these hospitals and the district.

In addition, the liquid medical oxygen (LMO) would serve as a top up to the captive oxygen generation, it said.

Such a system will go a long way in ensuring that government hospitals in districts do not face sudden disruption of oxygen supplies and have uninterrupted access to it to manage COVID-19 patients and other sick persons needing such support.

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