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ShahRoz Sidiqi’s Musical Journey 

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Meet ShahRoz Sidiqi, a Kashmir born singer, songwriter and music composer who is making his name in the field. ShahRoz, who currently resides in Dubai is best known for blending different flavors of Rock Music. ShahRoz’s captivating, high-energy music transports the listeners back in time as ShahRoz blends musicianship, creativity and tradition with his unique style of songwriting.

ShahRoz’s affair with the realm of music began at an early age.  He was introduced to his first real-life musical instrument: The Upright Grand Piano with which it was a struggle in the beginning but overtime ShahRoz had learned enough on his own to start playing songs. In his unseasoned days, he would compose instrumentals on his computer. Being self-taught from the get-go of his journey, provided him with a sense of creativity and originality to create his own melodies.

ShahRoz does not shy away from admitting that his earlier works were probably not up to that mark which he has set for his work. But then again, has any true artist ever confessed of his/her work as being complete? It was ShahRoz’s incessant efforts in the divine dimension of music which have made him the blessed artist that he has proved to be today.

It was never the contemporary Indian music (Bollywood and its likes) which entices ShahRoz’s inquisitive senses. But, it is the music composed in the neighbor country: Pakistan, which has never failed to move his soul to its enchanting rhythm. The Gazals and the Qawwalis, he listened to as a child, have left a visible influence on his songwriting. His command over the diction of Urdu is a pleasure to his listeners. Apart from being immensely inspired by the music of Pakistan, what was also invigorating for ShahRoz was the influence of the western music on him which would mostly Involve Classic Rock Bands like AC/DC, Iron Maiden, Metallica, Led Zeppelin, Motor Head, Pink Floyd etc.

After moving from his native land: Kashmir to Dubai, Shahroz felt the familiar feeling of forlornness, but then soon, his life changed when at a University festival his friends (who were always mesmerized by his singing) forced him to go and sing on stage. In front of a crowd of over thousand people, ShahRoz gave his first concert to the world; there was no looking back after that. Soon he was appointed as the President of the Music Club of his academic institution in Dubai, a post he held till he graduated. When it comes to the subject of music, songwriting, composing, ShahRoz is self-taught in every sense. ShahRoz’s talent for music is only surpassed by his humility and his undying dedication to his craft.

ShahRoz is currently based in the land of wonders: Dubai, having completed his education in Aerospace Engineering. It is from Dubai that he transports the listeners of his musical works back in time unto land never treaded prior through his supernatural command over; uber-modern fusion of melodic Rock singing style.

In his exquisite Dubai journey, being such an industrious person, he pursued a course in ‘Audio Engineering’ from ‘SAE Institute Dubai’, which is a world-renowned Audio Engineering School from Australia, which helped him understand the technical aspects of recording and producing professional music.

It was eminently in Dubai that he started off his professional music journey and never really copped out. Dubai proved to be a land of opportunity for ShahRoz, where he initially ventured into Artist Management and it was from there that he met artists from Nescafe Basement and some of the most renowned Music Producers and Musicians from Pakistan, which inspired ShahRoz to commit himself in composing his original music which he still adheres to. Now in his youth, it is only a sign of great times ahead that he has managed to network himself into the affluent musical class.

ShahRoz made his professional debut in 2018 with an Alternative Rock number “Khauf”, which received plaudits from all over. Most of his compositions are very conceptual and based on ideas that depict the harsh reality of the world we live in. From “Khauf” that talks about depression and anxiety to “Banda Blues” that laments guilt about strained relationship with God to “Maqtool” that about Kashmir to “Sins” that depicts what a person might experience and feels just moments before dying. ShahRoz also won the “Best Music Video Award” for Sins at the “9th Banglore Shorts Film Festival-20”.

His recent release “Naqaab” was a unique and spectacular piece of poetry mixed with the aggression of Hard Rock Music that ShahRoz wrote and composed to highlight the fact that the masses are either unaware of the fact that they are being played and exploited or have already been brainwashed into submitting to the agenda and conspiracy of the dark forces.

ShahRoz takes pleasure in experimenting with music and has a long way to go; as he travels this destined journey with grace, originality and style.


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