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ASG Hospital refutes news reports of “medical negligence”

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Srinagar: The Management of ASG Hospital on Wednesday refuted news reports regarding “medical negligence” while administering Anesthesia to a minor who according to family suffered partial damage to her brain.

“This is in reference to the news reported by some media sections and in social media about postoperative complication suffered by a baby patient at ASG Hospital Qamarwari more than twenty months back in April 2019. The said baby was anesthetized for a minor therapeutic/diagnostic procedure at the said hospital by a qualified team of experts after taking due written consent from father of the child with all possible anesthetic risks explained. Patient was anesthetized and procedure was completed smoothly and shifted to the recovery as per standards with stable vitals”, statement of ASG Hospital reads.

It also reads that in postoperative period patient developed doubtful seizures in recovery area as a post-anesthetic complication. In the interest of better patient care by pediatric intensivists PICU unit of SKIMS Soura was contacted and the baby was soon shifted to SKIMS PICU accompanied by anesthesiologist and technologist. Baby was immediately diagnosed as a case of postoperative seizures and managed as per protocol at SKIMS Soura.

“After discharge from SKIMS attendants of patient intended to shift patient for further management at PGI Chandigarh and asked hospital to sponsor travel, boarding and treatment costs on humanitarian grounds which was accepted by hospital and even hospital staff member accompanied them to PGI in order to facilitate treatment of baby without hardships,”

Unfortunately few weeks back family of the said baby approached hospital for undue compensation to the tune of “crores” of rupees which was not acceptable. In response to this the family members of said baby are trying to pressurize hospital authorities by all other possible means which are improper and unacceptable, hospital in a statement said. ‘EMPOWERMENT’ Initiative of Finance Department to enable public to oversee ongoing works in their area.

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