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Shameema Firdous decries unscheduled power outages, water scarcity in Srinagar

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Srinagar: The Jammu and Kashmir National Conference on Tuesday expressed concern over the unscheduled and hour’s long electricity outages and rising canine population in Srinagar areas particularly in Habbakadal saying the administration has failed people and left them to their own fate.

Party’s women’s wing President Shameema Firdous while addressing a meeting of workers and delegates from Habakadal, here at Party headquarters Nawa e Subha said that while incumbent government was enjoying its summer retreat in summer capital, the people of Kashmir in particular the Shahar e Khas areas have been left to fend for themselves.

“Come winters and power and water goes scare, but this time around at the very onset of winter, electricity and drinking water have become scarce in old city areas particularly in Habakadal, Barbarshah, Munawar Abad, Bishambarnagar localities. People in these localities are hankering for water and electricity.  No schedule is being adhered to by the concerned department.  The people in spite of clearing their due bills on time have to bear the brunt. The predicament of the locals is added by the absence of street lights on major arterials on Baba Dharam Das road, Nai Sarak, Munawar abad-Khayam – Barabarshah stretch. The concerned authorities aren’t following proper schedule and street lights are not also being looked after and refurbished on regular intervals. If this is the situation at this time one could easily guess what is in store for us in the coming harsh winter Chila Kalan.  The inconsistent power supply has particularly hit the elderly and students the most. The administration has turned a volte face to the issues concerning the people,” he said.

She further said the increase in the number of canine population is irking the normal day to day lives of people.  “Munawar Abad, Baba Dharam Das, Barbar Shah areas in particular teaming up with the canine population.  The concerned agencies should wake up to the plight of people and take immediate steps to protect the lives of people,” she said.

Shameema also expressed concern over the poor state of sanitation in the area. She urged the divisional administration to take a fortnightly review of facilities in old city areas to ensure that there is accountability on ground.

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