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Pakistan must stop supporting terrorism to promote cultural peace in South Asia: India

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United Nations: Pakistan must change its current “culture of hatred” against religions in India and stop its support to “cross-border terrorism” to advance a genuine culture of peace in South Asia and beyond, India has told the UN.

Addressing the UN General Assembly session on ‘Culture of Peace’ on Wednesday, First Secretary in India’s Permanent Mission to the UN Ashish Sharma said that in today’s world, intolerance, hatred, violence and terrorism have almost become the norm.

There can be no doubt that terrorism, which is a manifestation of intolerance and violence, is the antithesis of all religions and cultures, he said.

“If Pakistan changes its current culture of hatred against religions in India and stops its support of cross-border terrorism against our people, we can attempt a genuine culture of peace in South Asia and beyond,” Sharma said.

“Till then we will only be a mute witness to Pakistan driving away their minorities by threat, coercion, conversion and killing. Even people of the same religion are not spared due to encouragement given to sectarian killing,” he said, referring to the reports of atrocities against religious minorities in the neighbouring country.

He said India was troubled by the increase in resources, financial and otherwise, that are being made available to “violent and terrorist groups that misuse religion to justify and propagate their agendas”.

“We need to be clear that abetting or condoning terrorism is like feeding a monster that will turn around to consume us,” he said.

India called on the UN member states to fight such negative forces together, rather than separately. “Let us build a culture of peace together, rather than fail separately,” Sharma said.

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