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BJP wants to cut roots of democracy in Kashmir: NC

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Says people voting to strengthen Dr. Farooq led People’s Alliance

Srinagar: The Jammu and Kashmir National Conference on Tuesday said BJP by saying that those who are voting are against Articles 370,35-A reveals that It doesn’t want people to vote at first place because it knows Articles 370,35-A are articles of faith for the people of J&K.

In a statement, Party’s Additional Spokesperson Sarah Hayat Shah said the statements emanating from BJP reveal the tizzy the BJP was going through seeing the immense support people across J&K are giving to PAGD candidates. “Owing to its frustration, which is quite understandable, the BJP is asking voters to stay inside. But the people in Jammu and Kashmir have made it a point to punish BJP for failing them and cutting down their rights,” she said.

Having a Muslim Majority state within the Union always happened to be an eye sore for BJP and RSS, she said adding, “BJP, RSS want to nurture an ecosystem in Kashmir where there is no place for democracy, whose frail saplings were protected by our party by shouldering the dead bodies of our numerous comrades since 1996.”

She said that people of J&K are voting to strengthen the efforts of Dr Sahib for the restoration of Articles 370, 35-A. “While as the BJP and its team -B in Kashmir is trying its level best to normalize the blunder committed on J&K by hook or crook, the unwarranted interference of administration in Mayoral elections to SMC was just a template of what BJP wants to do in DDC elections. Having contesting candidates confined to hotels, and giving selective security to candidates speaks volumes about the apparent mischief BJP is up to in the DDC elections,” she added.

She urged the voters to come in large numbers to booths to strengthen the efforts of Dr Sahib and the entire platform of PAGD. “In the ongoing DDC elections we are voting for securing our identity, and honor.  By resorting to boycott, the people will give a free run to these stooges and minions of BJP to grab the sacred democratic spaces and further hurt the vital interests of the people of J&K in particular the Muslims. Therefore people should  vote and support PAGD, every vote to PAGD will strengthen the efforts of Dr Farooq led PAGD and its other constituents in their efforts for the restoration of what was spitefully snatched from us on 5th of August last year,” she said.

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