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This election about local issues, say voters

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I did it: A woman displays her finger with indelible mark after voting on Tuesday. Photo-Javed Khan/Kashmir Images

Srinagar: This election is not about the big political questions or anything related to it, but the local issues concerning people on ground, many voters who cast their ballot during the second phase of District Development Council (DDC) elections on Tuesday said.

Siraj Ahmad, a voter said he has never been ‘averse’ to the peaceful resolution of the vexed Kashmir issue, but issues concerning him on ground are equally important to be resolved in a democratic manner.

“I need electricity, I need uninterrupted water, I need food for survival, I need good education for my children and I want better living facilities. I think an ordinary man needs these facilities with or without the resolution of bigger political questions,” said 65-years-old Ahmad after casting his vote at a polling booth stationed in GHSS Amirakadal.

Polling for 43 constituencies in the second phase of election for District Development Council (DDC) in Jammu and Kashmir was held today.

Bakhti, an ailing elderly lady who was accompanied by her son Din Mohammad to the polling station, said she is least bothered about the political events unfolding day in and day out; her sole purpose of casting vote was to get rid of the day-to-day mundane problems.

“Gobra ba chas anpad, mai kyah siyasatas saeti; muon vote chu tamisi, yus sani kami kari (son, I am an unlettered person having nothing to do with politics. My vote to goes to one who takes care of our problems)” Bakhti told ‘Kashmir Images’.

Din Mohammad, Bakhti’s son said his mother was excitedly waiting for this day. “Honestly speaking, my mother really knows nothing about politics, but she has never missed on casting her vote.”

Gurpreet Kaul, a 20-years-old first-timer claimed that participating in the electoral process is a fundamental right of every individual. “I want 24 hour electricity in my area. We always face problems while studying in winters and want our elected candidate to resolve this issue” said Gurpreet at a polling station in Qamarwari area.

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