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Dying Waters of Shairbagh Anantnag

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Shairbagh is one of the important places in the Valley of Kashmir and lies in the heart of Anantnag town in the South Kashmir. The name of the town itself depicts that it is a land of many springs. Shairbagh has many gardens and springs inside it. It is known as a place of communal hormony. One can see masjid, temple and guruduwara side by side there. It is a place of tourist attraction as well.

But the present condition of Shairbagh and springs inside it is pathetic. Once brimming with crystal clear waters, it now animates repulsive and foul smell. One can hardly see any fish in the waters of springs now which once could be seen flooded with fish. The parks of the Shairbagh are almost seen silent and empty. In the last decade or so this beautiful place lost its glory and charm. Though many a times some repairing was done but this proved to be of no use.

The banks and depths of springs were made of tiles, forgetting the rules of the nature. With the passage of time the sulphur containing water started producing muddy weeds in the depths of springs because of tiled floors and absence of gaps, thereby contaminating the flow of water. There should have been sand slit and stones in the depths of waters of these spring as was in the past to keep the flow of water crystal clean.

Once upon a time one could see crowds of people in the parks of Shairbagh. Even the tourists from other districts used to stay for a while in Shairbagh. But this practice is hardly witnessed now. Even the locals are hardly seen visiting Shairbagh.

This famous and beautiful place is losing its charm and glory. If steps are not taken to restore its glory and charm, this famous place will become a history in the near future.

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