Join hands to end crimes against women

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By: Vivek Bhat

Hardly passes a day when there isn’t any news about any kind of crime happening against women somewhere in the country be it rape, domestic violence, acid attacks, honor killings, eve teasing etcetera. This “etcetera” is bolt on our face as we all are responsible as a society as we form the one where such heinous crimes come to happen. According to latest data of National Crime Records Bureau the crime rate registered per lakh women was 62.4 in 2019. The term “reported” hides multitude of unreported or somehow influenced or silenced cases.

Sad state of affairs is, we live in a society where women are worshiped in the form of goddess but treated worse than most sinful creatures of the hell. For instance I feel fortunate that I was born in a place where everyday thousands of devotees pay their homage to Mata Shri Vaishno Devi and I have roots in Kashmir where we celebrate and worship Jagatmata Kheer Bhawani but at the same time when I see my friends or sisters hesitating to step out after dark or to travel in public transport, I feel ashamed.

After each incident of crimes against women,we just hang our heads in shame for some time organise candle shows, display placards, launch some social media campaigns and that is all. This is not done. We need to do more to make this world better place for women to live. The dove trapped in alligators can’t be freed by using fishing rods, we need harsh tools. The status of the women can’t be improved by blowing trumpets but needs sincere and serious awakening and effort by the entire society.

We belong to a nation where women like Rani Laxmi Bai, Mother Teresa, great reformer Savitribai Phule were born and there is plethora of examples of women in present day India, who have shown their excellence in every sector. At the same time on global level, we are contemporary to have brave heart girls like Malala Yousafzai, She being active for the education of every child of war torn area.  These examples from the past and present speak volumes about strength of women.  There is a famous saying, though I can’t recall the source:

According to Islam, after his mother’s death, one day Prophet Moses (PBUH) stumbled and was about to fall. Almighty Allah told the Prophet Moses (PBUH), ‘Slow down, now there is no mother to pray duas (supplications) for you’. Even Prophets need mothers’ love.  This explains the importance of women and the way we are treating them, our gods can’t never be happy with us.

The constitution of India has conferred equal rights on women and various governments have taken various steps in order to uplift their status. But acts/laws can prescribe punishments for crimes and rule of law can guarantee social order only. Hence moral upliftment of society depends upon the moral upliftment of its components viz – us, the men. Crime against women is more moral problem than social. In order to make a proper and effective medicine, we need a proper diagnosis.

To my observation, the basic cause of these crimes is objectification of women. Until men stop objectifying women as something that can be obtained, something that has been made for them to fulfill their carnal greed, there will be no betterment in their status. We need to create a society where men consider her as a fellow human not an object.

“I am a girl

Let me live my life

I am your mother

I am your sister

I am your daughter

I am your wife

Let me not be assaulted

Let me not to be slayed by this sharp blunt knife

I protected you from storm

I am your holy mom

Every step you take I walk beside you

When misfortunes follow you

Stress tries to swallow you

Inside the deepness of my love I always hide you

I am always there, in your whole life

I am your lovely wife.

Always I seek your glad eye

It makes my eyes water when I see you cry

We grew together in this home land

Our relation is not limited to just silken thread in your hand.

It’s kind of relation you can’t forget and forsake, O mister!

I am your little sister.

When all your hair turns grey

When walking stick will be in your hand

I will be your hand

I will be your stick

I will take care of you

When you will become frail and sick

I am your decorated pot

You my expert potter

Don’t forget to give me my share of honor

I am your lovely daughter.

O man!

Promise me my disrespect you won’t bear

Promise me it won’t bother you how I look, what I wear

No mercy for culprits

No mercy for crooks

Beat them black and blue

And bring them to books

In my heart there is pain

In deep my soul the bloody rashes

Never forget O man!

You come from me

You will return to me

Dust to dust

Ashes to ashes. ”

DUST TO DUST ASHES TO ASHES, we as a society need serious introspection. We as a private or government organizations need zero tolerance policy regarding crimes against women at work places. Though there are laws in place but they need a review and strict implementation and as a fellow worker it is our moral obligation to give them space and opportunity to grow. We need to behave in public transports as unfortunately those have became most vulnerable places of eve teasing. Don’t offer her a seat but space.

According to NCRB 2018 report the domestic violence crime rate per lakh women was 58.8. We need more strict laws against domestic violence as the laws we have in place seem not to suffice. Proper sensitization of police personal working in stations and media is required. Women cells in Police should be more empowered so that not even a single crime should go unreported and no criminal should be left unpunished. Fast track courts should be established to deliver speedy justice in heinous crimes like rape as justice delayed is justice denied. Punishment for rape under section 376 and POCSO ACT needs to be made more severe and rigorous to make it work as strong deterrence. Movies, Web Series makers should select content based on such issues to sensitize and educate masses.

CONSENT! Just swallow this term.

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