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RAT, unlock major causes of surge in COVID-19 cases: Dr Naveed

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Srinagar, September 4: Valley’s leading Pulmonologist and HoD Chest Diseases Hospital, Dr Naveed Nazir Shah, Friday said the Rapid Antigen Testing (RAT) and easing lockdown are two major causes to be attributed to dramatic increase in COVID-19 positive cases in Jammu and Kashmir.

Dr Naveed, who was also tested positive for deadly Corona-Virus in June this year, said imposing lockdown or taking coercive measures by the administration like imposing fine for not wearing face mask won’t help containing deadly virus, but adhering to the Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) in letter and spirit does.

“Lockdown is not a permanent solution to contain COVID-19, it’s a time consuming measure and I don’t think it will help us to get rid of the deadly virus. Only precautions can save us. People need to develop a sense of safety and follow advisories properly. Compulsion or coercive measure like imposing fines won’t work,” Dr Naveed Nazir told reporters here.

He advised the people to follow SOPs properly and stressed on wearing face masks, maintaining social distance and avoiding social gatherings to avoid falling prey to deadly pandemic.

“Two things can be attributed to the dramatic increase in COVID-19 positive cases; one is easing out lockdown that let people to resume their routine activities while another is Rapid Antigen Testing which increased number of tests per day,” Dr Naveed Nazir told reporters.

He said the number of tests has gone ‘limitless’ after mass testing of the people under RAT. He said COVID-19 tests are now done on the spot in Primary Health Centers and Peripheral Health Care facilities.

Dr Naveed further said the number of positive cases will certainly increase in case people won’t follow guidelines properly. He said RAT helped the administration to detect increased number of cases.

He also said there would be drastic increase in number of positive cases if herd immunity is developed which at the same time could help reduce severity as people would start to develop anti bodies which create an immune in them to fight the contagion.

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