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India’s medical system needs rejuvenation: Dr Tasaduk

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Srinagar: Dr Tasaduk Hussain Itoo today said that the medical system in India needs to be somehow rejuvenated and streamlined amid all the posing challenges.

He said that India has shown remarkable improvements in the medical field since last few years and the credit for this goes to all the medical professionals who have made relentless efforts towards achieving this goal irrespective of all the odds and challenges, but there is a need to focus more on medical research and invest in it.

“We are lacking in medical research field as compared to other nations and very less percentage of highly qualified medical professionals are taking interest in it,” he said.

He said that though the imitation is a bad thing to do but our medical system needs to learn a lot from nations advancing in medical research fields and doing highest investment in healthcare.

“We have been always looking and waiting for the research works of other nations and their guidelines without setting or taking a step on our own,” he said.

He said that to bring advancement in medical research, our medical professionals have an immense role to play and they need to get enough sensitive towards such works and should be passionate in doing so.

“To foster the healthcare system, there must be higher investment in it from the Government and there is also a need to ensure adequate resources to healthcare facilities- primary, secondary and tertiary in effectively managing the patient related affairs,” he added.



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