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Today: Jun 22, 2024

Afghan government airstrike kills at least 14: Witnesses

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Kabul: Witnesses say a government airstrike has killed at least 14 people in Afghanistan’s western Herat province, many of them women and children. Hundreds of people had gathered in Herat’s Adraskan district to welcome home a former Taliban fighter freed from jail when aircraft pounded the gathering, said Noor Rahmati, a witness who lost three members of his family in the airstrike.
Government officials said Thursday the airstrike a day earlier was being investigated.
Ghulam Nabi had been released, apparently as part of a prisoner exchange aimed at moving intra-Afghan negotiations forward, a second and critical phase of a peace deal between the US and Taliban.
District elders and well wishers had arrived to welcome Nabi when the attack began, the witnesses said. Nabi’s 9-year-old son was apparently wounded in the attack. (AP)

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