Aijaz Ganai

We are all ill

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It is very disturbing that we are all afraid and we are all cowards. It is time to recall our brutality with ourselves. It is time to be sensitive, not threatening.

Time brought us together. It is the time that is bringing us close emotionally not physically, it is the time that helps us to feel the pain that was personal for a long time and it is the time that will separate us. We all will be connected after this abyss without understanding what he, she or it feels.

The distance is long and it should be there as long as the illness is there but let’s take a second to ask our inner voice that are we really far from each other, are we really not feeling the fear, are we really not understanding the pain that we never bothered to care.

I don’t think anyone is talking about war, peace, religion, hate, caste, poverty, education etcetera. We all speak only one language and that happens to be love not hate, it is care not an abuse of power. It is basically a cause that we all are living for and not thinking that we will die for it. It is the progress of the human race; it is the brain and your heart that started to think the same thing at the same time.

Families are united, friends are coming to rescue, the shopkeeper next door is behaving nicely, the doctors are in the same disguise as I am, the politicians are afraid like him or her. There is nothing to choose from.

What is our excuse for that mother who is waiting by the door for so many years for this? It is not like she wants everyone to be dead, she is just asking for herself to end her miseries because we never put ourselves in her shoes that might have been dirty for us to fill. It is our arrogance that we thought we won the battle against the lady but she never fought you. She was waiting for this illness to fight for her. Now you can’t change what has been done, so it will be nice not to repeat it.

Maybe it is the life, that is giving us a chance to rebuild what has fallen apart, it might be a chance to restore  humanity, it might be a chance to recover what we have lost as humans, it might be a chance to prove to animals that they are wrong about us. Maybe this illness is teaching us something that we never learned or accepted before.

It is no longer my life or his/her life, it is ours now.

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