Mohammad Shafi Ayaz

Life is after Carona too

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Nothing is permanent except change. Everything changes but not change – a universal fact. Change comes unnoticeable and people are never ready or prepared for it, so there is always resistance to it. People generally consider that they are forced to deal with change, disappointment and failure. But at the same time people are faced with opportunities to evaluate ways of living life.

Nothing happens just. No one can predict the next moment but one has to be ready or prepared for the worse. Whatever happens at present is a sign or indication for future and is a direction to make adjustments in life. Just like looking in a mirror. Mirror never tells lie but is an indication for our corrections in our dress or make up and we do accordingly. Likewise in life when one faces any untoward situation, he/she has to go for corrections, go for proofreading the pages for any further corrections and adopt it. Thus one has to learn to live whatever the circumstances may be. It is to understand that we are not the only ones who are facing it, it is a continuous process. Life never ends.

Presently whole world is suffering from Covid 19 and there is hue and cry everywhere. But it is not for the first time that such a thing is happening.  So many pandemics have occurred till now. For instance:

541-542 – Plague of Justinian

1346-1350 – The Black Death

1899-1923 – Cholera Pandemic

1918-1920 –  Spanish Flue (H1N1)

1968-1969 –  Hongkong Flue

2009-2010 – Swine Flue (H1N1)

But the world still exists, life is going on and activities continue. One’s thinking has a direct reflection on his mind. Think positively and believe in yourself. The humanity is going through unprecedented times and Carona virus lockdown along with the uncertainty and ambiguity is having negative impact on everybody’s mental state but it has encouraged humans to help other.

In every situation there are silver linings also. During this lockdown we have learned to go for write ups, embrace nature, shop sensibly, reduce food wastage, get sufficient sleep, eat healthy home cooked food, do some work out, spend time with family and much more.

Try to learn from it and make corrections in your life to make it adjustable to any situation and get the best out of it. People have survived earlier and will survive this time too but with certain adaptations and adjustments learned from the situation. Nature has its own role to play which cannot be challenged but gives us an opportunity to behave properly.

Nobody know that for how long we have to live with Covid 19 but the cycle of life will go on moving. There is no other option but to learn to live with it. Life has to go on at any cost. Halt or stagnation means end or death. Let us understand that we have to live today for tomorrow.

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