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Covid-19 made everyone, who listens, a saviour

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BY: Fallah Wani

Just when life was about to be normal, we woke up to another spell of devastation. This time it was different.  It was difficult to understand what was going around the world and it was even difficult to reconcile what has befallen us. It all began with staying inside our home and thinking to keep ourselves and our loved ones safe. It was for the very first time that we were able to safeguard our loved ones by protecting ourselves.

All around the world people were trying to find a solution but the people in my valley had a very different solution to this. Blaming each other for the sins they have committed and this chain of your wrong doing and my right doing led to the introspection, which normally we are not habitual of.

It was only when we were in 4th grade, we would ponder what good and bad have we done after our teacher would give a lecture on moral sciences. As we grew up, we hardly spent a mere second to think of who we are and what we have become. There might be many causes or many people out there whose cruelty and mistakes may have led to this pandemic but point is that we all have to answer in the court of our conscience.

The air of this pandemic has made us to pause and look for ourselves.  Awakening in us the sense to reach out to ourselves, do something for others; to reach an understanding and find out who we are and what do we carry in our hands as well as our hearts.

All through these days, there was a moment when we thought about our doings. I believe it has taught us that it is alright to question oneself and identify our own flaws. Instead of carrying prejudice of how someone has wronged us, we have started to think of what have we done to make the necessary amends.

While the roads are free of hustle-bustle and the skies have cleared up; maybe the light inside us has also started to shine, maybe it has found its way out by starting to forgive and apologize.

This pandemic and subsequent isolation may help us do away with our negative thoughts. It may help us to cherish what we have and be happy in the place we are. Moreover, when we are asked to stay at home and save ourselves as well as others, isn’t the coronavirus giving us a chance to be saviours?


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