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“Andrà tutto bene” – everything will be all right!

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When Italians sang from their balconies during coronavirus lockdown

These are difficult times for entire human race with a deadly virus intruding city after city and taking numerous lives across the globe. Many cities have been shut and businesses have suffered massive losses. But what is more tragic is the fact that people have been put into confinements- either by the order of the governments or self infused and rightly so as the virus has tremendous potential to spread and infect people in quick time.

When it seems that hopes are perishing and nothing is of much help, we tend to shut ourselves and go silent about everything. But not all- not everyone thinks in that manner. There are people who want to celebrate the fact that even though there is a deadly virus out there, life shall prevail and by taking necessary precautions, humanity shall triumph.

The best example of hope and sanguinity comes from the land which has been one among the worst affected county- Italy! People from Naples to Tuscany decided to sing to life and made harmonies across empty streets so as to infuse some hope and lift spirits during quarantine. People, here, started singing from their balconies across the country- in an exceptionally emotional manner depicting their hopes for a better tomorrow and their belief that the worst will be over.  This happened during the nationwide lockdown in Italy that began this week, as a response to Coronavirus after the prime minister announced the restrictions barring only grocery stores, banks, and pharmacies.

The verses of ‘Canto della Verbena’ (And While Siena Sleeps) – a popular patriotic folk song, being sung by men and women together echoed in the deserted streets during the night. Similar videos are making rounds on social media from Naples, where people are heard singing pop artist Andrea Sannino’s song, ‘Abbracciami’. Residents in the port city of Salerno, in the south of the country, were recorded singing the country’s national anthem from their balconies.

“Andrà tutto bene” – everything will be all right, that is what Italians have been reassuring themselves and to the world and we all need to have firm belief in it too. However difficult times may come, life shall prevail and we shall have a better tomorrow. Ask yourself- has the world not survived the worst then this? I am sure we all know the answer!

The good news is that evidences shown by the world’s premier health organizations show that in China- believed to be the epicenter of the virus- the outbreak has already passed its peak as recent reports by the national health commission reported only 11 new cases and 13 deaths, 10 of which were in Wuhan. Similarly South Korea too is showing slowing trend. Moreover, for the second day in a row, the daily number of recovered people exceeded that of new cases.

Here in Kashmir, which has also been put on health alert and schools as well as colleges and universities are shut- we too need to sing to life and stay safe. May Almighty bless us all and save us from the deadly virus.

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