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What happened at JKAP launching event?

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Srinagar: Amid vigil by police and CRPF outside the residence of Syed Altaf Bukhari, a new regional political party, Jammu Kashmir ‘Apni’ party (JKAP) was officially launched in Srinagar on Sunday afternoon.

The launching function, which lasted for around 20 minutes, began with Bukhari reading out the declaration of JKAP. Afterwards, Bukhari took questions from the press independently. Many senior politicians were present on the occasion besides some new faces. After the conclusion of launching ceremony, none of the JKAP members spoke to the press; and thereby keeping the spotlight on Bukhari.

For media persons, Bukhari struggled to put up an impressive show at the JKAP launching ceremony. One of the senior journalists threw a question at Bukhari over the difference between the agenda of his party and that of BJP. The journalist contended that there is no telling apart the agendas as both parties echo the need for statehood and domicile rights. That said, what sets JKAP apart from rest of the political parties, asked the journalist. In his response to the question, Bukhari said these are the demands, referring to statehood and domicile rights, which have arisen as a result of Article 370 abrogation. ‘I cannot bring any other demands from my home,’ he said calmly.

Bukhari also said that there has been a difference of demands among people of Jammu and people of Kashmir, but now they have found a common ground for both regions which rests upon the demand for statehood and domicile rights. This perspective begs the question: Is it too early to decide the mood of people with regard to the political future of Jammu and Kashmir.

Bukhari made a remark regarding the relation between Government of India and Jammu and Kashmir. He said that the relation is inevitable and considers the relation as it is, and does not see it through a political prism.

The flag of JKAP, a mixture of red and blue representing “revolution and freedom” – according to the general interpretation of flag colors, was unveiled at the launching function.

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