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Pak Taliban warns people from playing loud music, administer polio drops to children

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Peshawar, Aug 1:  The Pakistani Taliban has warned people in the tribal district of North Waziristan not to play loud music and administer polio vaccination to their children, according to a media report on Thursday.

The one-page message on a pamphlet in Urdu issued by banned Tehreek-i-Taliban Pakistan in Miramshah, the headquarters of Pakistan’s North Waziristan district, on Wednesday also directed women not to venture out without a male company, the Dawn newspaper reported.

“We remind you [residents] that similar statements issued by Taliban several times in the past had fallen on deaf ears, but this time we are going to take to task those who violate the Taliban order,” it stated.

“There will be no use of DJs, neither inside the house nor in open fields and those ignoring the warning will be responsible for the consequences,” the message further said.

The pamphlet prohibited the people from playing loud music on computer and other shops with a warning that any place from where songs were heard could be blown up any time, the report said.

Polio workers have been asked to do finger-marking of children during the vaccination campaign but told not to administer polio drops to children.

The message further stated that women should not go out of their homes alone.

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