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No compromise with special status of Jammu and Kashmir: Sajad Lone

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Srinagar, Jul 25: Peoples Conference chairman Sajad Gani Lone on Thursday said there will be no compromise with the special status of Jammu and Kashmir.

While welcoming new entrants in the party at Mehjoor Nagar here, Lone said there will be no compromise with Article 370, Article 35-A and other constitutional provisions granting special position to J&K.

Speaking to media on the sidelines of the function, Lone while commenting on US President Donald Trump’s offer of mediation on Kashmir issue between India and Pakistan, said that the Government of India will never agree on third party mediation.

He said although involving third party could help in resolving Kashmir issue, however, India will never accept any such proposal given its stance on the matter.

“See it’s an international issue. But you are also aware of the India’s stand on Kashmir that there should be no third party mediation. Well, if it happens it would be a best step to resolve the issue, but as we all know that Delhi will never agree on third party mediation,” said Lone while adding that the dialogue is the only way to resolve issues.

He said talks must be initiated by the two countries rather than communicating with each-other through violence.

On Article 35-A, the PC chairman said there would be no compromise on this or any other constitutional provisions which grants special status to the state Jammu and Kashmir.

Earlier addressing party-workers, PC chairman also attacked National Conference (NC) and Congress for “bulldozing” the state’s autonomy through what he termed was “organized dilution” of the special status of Jammu and Kashmir.

He said “the ten-storey structure of Article 370 was reduced to mere one-storey by NC and Congress! Now how could one save remaining one-storey of the structure when nine have already been demolished?

“The destruction caused to Article 370 over the past 70 years needs to be answered as we did nothing in two-and-half years. NC has to answer as to what happened with ‘internal autonomy’ and how many amendments did Article 370 record in 70 years,” Lone said adding we want all the 10 storeys to be restored.

When asked about anti-terror bill passed in Lok Sabha yesterday, Lone said, “Whatever happens these days, I have strong disagreement; I think the human rights of a common Kashmiri have never been safeguarded.”

Terming NC president Dr Farooq Abdullah a “murderer”, Lone said it hurt him when he saw NC president showering flower petals on the graves of July 1931 martyrs at Martyrs Graveyard.

“Farooq Abdullah should come clean on whether those who were martyred on July 13, 1931 are real martyrs or the ones who were murdered by NC right from 1989 till date,” Lone said.

“It hurt me when I saw Farooq Sahib showering flower petals on martyr’s graves. I salute the brave martyrs of July 1931, but tell me whether those who were killed in 1931 are real martyrs or those who were killed by NC right from 1989 till date, including the 200 children are real martyrs. If the latter also are martyrs, then you are a murderer,” asked PC chairman.

He also asked NC president to stick to one line, saying he (Farooq Abdullah) should either choose ‘martyrs’ or the ‘killers’.

He said given his party’s stand on development, he should be given a chance to prove his mettle.

“Give us one chance and we will go together with development and ideology. Those who couldn’t change your condition in seventy years cannot do anything now. These are tried, tested and failed parties which need to be rejected once and for all,” said Lone in apparent reference to NC, PDP and Congress.

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