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Food Safety Anantnag seizes 1100 tins of Vanaspati oil for labelling violations

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SRINAGAR, JULY 04: A team of Food Safety officers headed by Designated Officer Anantnag today seized 1100 tins of Vanaspati vegetable oil worth 11 lakh for labelling violations.

“The tins bearing trade name Ratna Gold imported and marketed by ANIK Industries Ltd. South Tukogani, Indore MP were found having two labels, one bearing the manufacturing date August 2018 over which was pasted another label with date of packing as March 2019,” a statement of Food Safety Anantnag said.

After preliminary investigation it has surfaced that the aforementioned company is indulging in relabeling of its old stocks whose best before date gets expired by pasting a new label with fresh consumers, the statement said.

“The investigation in the matter also revealed that the company sends separate labels with new date of manufacturing for further relabeling of goods at their own end in case these goods again miss the deadline of best before mentioned on the label.

“A sample has also been taken for ascertaining the quality of the product,” the statement added.

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