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The premeditated murder of Dr. Morsi

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Rayees Masroor

Finally the first democratically elected president of Egypt Dr Muhammad Morsi faced an early death on account of a well planned and premeditated murder.The courtroom murder of Dr Morsi has confirmed the March 2018 report of Panel of British MPs who based on the testimonies of Morsi’s family and others informed of his condition and called his treatment by Egyptian authorities cruel, inhuman and degrading”.The panel had already warned of a premature and premeditated death of President Morsi but at that time there was no hue and cry by the world powers especially the ones who call themselves as the custodians of democracy and human rights.
Leaders, dignitaries and rights groups from around the world have Condemned the courtroom murder of president Morsi. Muhammad Morsi rose from the ranks and became a top figure in the Muslim brotherhood party .He became Egypt’s first freely elected president in 2012 a year after the Egyptian revolution brought about the end of Hosni Mubarak’s three decade as a dictator. He was however overthrown by the army after mass protest against his rule. The authorities subsequently launched a crackdown on the supporters of Morsi and the Muslim brotherhood in which hundreds were killed and tens of thousands were framed and detained in jails.

Morsi and his top advisors were held incommunicado by military before falsely being chargsheeted. Morsi himself was convicted of detention and torture of protestors, leading an illegal group, prison breaks, conspiring with foreign armed groups. Morsi has always maintained that he was a victim of a military coup and rejected the authority of the courts. He was a democratically elected president and courts have no right to conduct a trial in presidential matters. Morsi was forced to sit in Sound proof glass cages In courtrooms which speaks volumes of the continued cruelty as well as insecurity of el Sisi regime. The illegal Egyptian president and his government, politically motivated judiciary and other conspirators might have succeeded in assassinating Morsi and stifling a legitimate and rightful voice but they can never succeed in limiting an idea,a revolution and reality.

Morsi was an icon of a revolution in Egypt. He was born in an Egyptian village of al adwah in 1951,He studied engineering in Cairo university in 1970s Before moving to US to complete a PhD. Due to his extra ordinary leadership qualities acumen and keen insight, He became Muslim brotherhood’s most popular figure and subsequently became Egypt’s president and a popular global leader but there is a common perception that Israel, US, other western powers and even Saudis were afraid of Muslim brotherhood and Morsi.while attending a court session on a charge of treason, Egypt’s first democratically-elected president Mohammed Morsi was asked to speak,

But Morsi collapsed, falling unconscious and died shortly afterwards on his way to the hospital.Those who followed the election of Muhammad Morsi and his subsequent ouster are well aware of the fact that his death was a well planned murder. He was forced to live in a cage like an animal, there were almost no medical facilities given to him despite having several serious ailments, He could meet his lawyers only three or four times and wasn’t even allowed to see his family.

The insecure el SISI was so insecure that after his martyrdom he forced the family of Dr. Morsi to bury him under heavy security at a Cairo cemetery rather than at his family’s cemetery. The incident has prompted reactions and messages of condolence all across the globe, with world leaders expressing their shock for his sudden death. The West has always been silent in the face of these executions by Sissi. EU member states forbidding execution unfortunately accepted an invitation by this murderer Sissi to attend a meeting in Egypt some time ago. What happened in Egypt and to Muhammad Morsi, who struggled for the freedom and welfare of his people, is exemplary for it reveals the true nature and functioning of coup plotters targeting legitimate governments, and unveiling the true face of some of the Western apostles. The coup took him away from power, but his memory will not be erased from our hearts. The Ummah will not forget his firm stance.

Those who raised their voice to the coup and searched for ways of appealing, fulfilled and are trying to fulfill their duty. But the so-called democratic world could not pass this test. They were silent against the executions and laid the red carpet to the perpetrators. This shame will always be written on their forehead. Morsi’s death was tragic but also “predictable” given Egyptian authorities’ “failure” to allow medical care and harshly subjecting him to a solitary confinement. Those who stand for truth and justice will always remember him, his courage contribution and foresightedness. Rest in peace martyr!

(The author is counselor at IGNOU and can be reached at [email protected]

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