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Sri Lanka Carnage: An unending saga of pain!

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Meer Abass

The Sri Lankan government has shown great maturity in dealing with a catastrophic situation that shamed the entire humanity. The government of Sri Lanka didn't blame any specific cast, colour or religion for the heinous acts of crime. The country officially said that though it had inputs regarding the perpetrators of this violence but naming them publically would give them undue media coverage and public visibility.

Only Indian and Zionist media has been concluding that the bombings were carried out by Muslims and ‘Islamic radicals’. Islam is not a 'proselytising religion' and neither is it something that you package up and take door to door, like a carpet brush salesman. It is not something that you sell in the street or advertise on television, like insurance cover or some healthy eating plan.

Islam is more than the default setting of creation and literary means submitting ones will to the fact and the reality that we are impoverished, feeble creatures who, at every moment, are dependent on the nurturing love of a Creator for our existence.

What is clear is that whoever was responsible was willing to claim the lives of people of all faiths; of children as well as adults; of Sri Lankans and foreigners. What is also clear is that in sowing terror, they aimed to create division in a country that has endured horrific violence in the past, and that is home to multiple ethnicities and religions, with the Buddhist majority living alongside sizable Hindu, Muslim and Christian minorities.

This is, by far, the worst incident of violence since the long and brutal civil war with Tamil insurgents, in which so many civilians died, ended a decade ago. It is a shocking and heartbreaking blow to the hopes of an island still striving for lasting peace, amid enduring tensions. “I thought Sri Lanka had left all this violence behind us,” said one survivor, voicing a common sentiment. It also occurs at a time of political instability.

Last year’s standoff between the president, Maithripala Sirisena, and Ranil Wickremesinghe, the Prime Minister, concluded with the latter’s reinstatement. But if the immediate constitutional crisis ended, the tensions underlying it were in no way resolved. A presidential election is due this year, and a general election in 2020.

Injustice and hate can manifest anywhere and so can love and faith! So far, politicians from all parts of society have joined in to call for unity and strength in Sri Lanka at this time of grief and great distress. There is hope in that shared message, and in the similar sentiments voiced by leaders from around the world, even if in truth some of the speakers have been responsible for exploiting and encouraging divisions. There is hope in the sight of Sri Lankans of all ethnicities and religions pulling together, and in the immense rush of well wishers to donate blood and aid survivors in other ways.

It is not only Sri Lankans and Catholics who feel the pain of this atrocity, and fear the further damage it could spawn. It is not only those of the Christian faith who believe that, even in the harshest of times, hope can and must endure.

There were many MUSLIMS who died in this terror act- Muslims from India, Turkey, the Middle East have been killed including women and children. Alongside the Buddhists, Christians who were killed were not American marines or soldiers, they were not the African Christian militias who kill Muslims in CAR, they were just Christians who did no harm towards the Muslims.

The prophet of Islam, Muhammad (SAW) fought the Christian Roman Empire, but did he kill the Christians living inside the Islamic state just because they were Christians like the Romans? Killing Muslims and attacking Churches full of old people is not Jihad. This is plain terrorism and nobody can ever deny the fact, not atleast any Muslim whose guidelines flow from Quran and Hadith which clearly state that killing a single human being is killing entire humanity.

Places of worship should be the safest abodes, an asylum for all seekers of truth and peace.

Only evil, blood sucking cohorts of the devil terrorists would kill, maim and victimize defenseless worshippers. May Allah comfort the families of all the deceased in the Sri Lanka Massacre. We find solace in the certainty that no evil shall go unpunished.

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