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Mehbooba hits out at PM for bringing nuclear bombs in political discourse

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Srinagar: PDP president Mehbooba Mufti on Monday hit out at Prime Minister Narendra Modi for bringing nuclear bombs in the political discourse, saying if India has not kept the nuclear bomb for Diwali, Pakistan has not kept its for Eid.

During a rally in Rajasthan’s Barmer Sunday, Modi had said India is no more afraid of nuclear threats of Pakistan.

“Otherwise every other day Pakistan used to give nuclear threats. What do we have? Have we kept it for ‘Diwali’? (Warna aay din nuclear button hai, ye kehte the. Hamare paas kya hai? Ye diwali ke liye rakha hai kya),” he asserted.

Mufti tweeted, “If India hasn’t kept nuclear bomb for Diwali, it’s obvious Pakistan’s not kept theirs for Eid either. Don’t know why PM Modi must stoop so low & reduce political discourse to this.

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