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Omar panicking over prospect of losing Srinagar also: Lone

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Says after ‘victory march’ in Baramulla, PC all set to march into Srinagar

Srinagar, Apr 13: Peoples Conference chairman Sajad Gani Lone Saturday said that Omar Abdullah seems to have suddenly discovered a sense of humor or has lost touch with the ground.

“NC has lost Baramulla. PC has taken the seat convincingly. While we are quiet with humility, the loser is beating drums of victory after fearing a repeat of Baramulla loss in the Srinagar parliamentary seat as well,” Lone said.

He said “we fought on an agenda of truthfulness and were up against some of the worst falsehood propagated by the NC. One fine day the NC would announce that they are restoring the Prime Minister and Sadar-e-Riyasat posts. The next day they would announce removing the PSA.

“This is the same NC which has been an active participant in abolishing these posts. This is the same NC whose leader Sheikh Sahib, an ex-PM of Kashmir, happily took oath as the chief minister of Kashmir in lieu of power in 1975. This is the same NC which in 1975 passed the Constitutional order 101 dated 23-07-1975 grievously eroding the special status. This is the same NC which scripted the Land grants bill. This is the same NC which opened the floodgates for leasing out thousands of kanals to defense establishment,” Lone added.

He accused the NC of “vehemently propagating the falsehood of conspiracies being hatched when they are out of power”.

“The biggest conspiracy hatched against the Kashmiris has been the NC. Delhi in league with the NC stole an entire election to keep them in power and when people rose in revolt, it was primarily against the NC,” Lone alleged.

“Does the NC forget that they along with their leader Farooq Abdullah fled the state in 1989 leaving their workers behind? Have they forgotten that the word NC was a stigma in 1989? Have they forgotten how NC workers would issue statements in newspapers distancing themselves from the NC?” he asked.

“In the aftermath of 1987 robbery of elections leading up to the revolt of 1989, the top NC leadership fled and while we were all facing brutalities, being jailed, killed, beaten up, Farooq Sahib and the future tormentor of Kashmiris Omar Abdullah spent most of the time in Europe and Delhi. These special tourists were thrust yet again on Kashmiris in 1996 when yet another entire election was stolen to hand power on platter,” Lone charged.

He said that NC’s politics is based on “mastering the art of complaisance”.

“A party, a dynasty which is indebted to the core to Delhi for protecting them, for installing them in 1975, stealing for them in 1987, and reinstalling them in 1996 – would they ever be able to stand up to them? They have been in power for 36 years. Can they give us one instance when they stood up and showed real defiance?” Lone asked.

He said “they (NC) are compulsive compliers. Have we forgotten what L K Advani wrote in his book? How Farooq Abdullah, when asked to choose between a discussion on autonomy resolution and Omar Abdullah’s junior union ministry, chose the junior ministry for junior Abdullah,” Lone added.

He said that Farooq Abdullah’s utterances against the Srinagar Mayor Junaid Matto are deplorable and shameful.

“Just imagine the difference in ages. While Farooq Sahib is marching towards mid-eighties, young Junaid is barely in mid-thirties. Does it behoove Farooq Sahib to say that insects will eat him up in his grave, does it behoove him to say that he has forgotten the grave? It is Farooq Sahib who has all along forgotten the grave. Rather than fighting the elections he should have settled with a prayer mat,” Lone said, adding that “instead he has the temerity to say such things about a young person, blooming in his youth.

“We really are not surprised given the thousands of youth who have perished at your (NC’s) hands. We still have an unsolicited piece of advice. Take to the prayer mat, if you have one given that it will take hundreds of years for you to atone your sins,” Lone added.

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