It’s no fools’ day

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By: Peer Faizan Bashir

The first day of April is considered to be the day of making fools of ourselves, deceiving someone and getting them to panic for something that hasn’t actually happened. It is like a pure lie acted in such a fashion that the listener is convinced about it being true and falls for the prank.

So, many people, particularly youngsters and even children, go on deceiving one another on this very day by playing pranks, confidence tricks, hoaxes and generally anything that could be termed as utter deception. The influence of the trickery is such that the victim is not able to find out the trick.

I remember, a few years ago, a lady in her mid-40s fell victim to the same trend when a prankster, a liar for the instance,  a relative of her relatives came up to her with a very serious, gloomy appearance and informed her that her father had met an accident outside home. She was shocked and couldn’t bear the news! There are a number of other similar tragedies that those, with the same notion and belief to deceive on this day, have caused to their own relatives, friends and loved ones.

Children, who are little angels, are also taught to commemorate this day by indulging in such fake activities. Those who played hopscotch at once are told to deceive one another. They are being taught to do these pernicious tricks whomsoever they wish upon. The overall humongous effect it has on our lives is that playing & deceiving with one another won’t seem an unethical thing anymore in the future. It becomes a new normal. And, which is the most unpleasant thing we are going to face or even come to witness these days.

What better antidote to this `menacing trend’ could be than educating ourselves and our children regarding it and also informing all about the ill effects of such an exercise in the long run. Yes, it is the `only’ remedy! Instead of rotten trickery, let’s all open some pages of our books and read it to the hilt on this day. Let’s all commemorate the day with reading and learning. Let’s us call & reiterate `Education’ on this very day. Let’s all replace ‘April Fool’ with something more promising to cheer up lives. Through education, we are sure to be better human beings- come out from the trap of ignorance.

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