Living now and here!

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By: Meer Abass

 The most distressful, heinous and bizarre word, unknown to many of us in its entirety and real sense is ‘fear’. It’s nothing but an illusion that is not even within us but we always prioritize it above everything else. We all have been entangled in this chronic disease of fear since long and it seems arduous to escape out of it now. We have always taken fear as something in our favor, sometimes, we fear because we think that where there is fear there is success but it’s actually the other way around as in reality it has devastating effects on our lives.

Different fears in different situations at different times stay with us but the only one type of it that is generally experienced by many is the fear of future. Future, that is itself a myth; no one knows how about the next minute of one’s life is going to be and yet people waste their present for the sake of this unseen and unheard future.

Fear is nothing but the manifestation of several impressions and ideas that keep us away from experimenting and exploring the unknown or new. It is actually the result of our deeds and thinking that people fear about losses, failures, and getting caught in a tight spot leading us to live in either past of the future and not for future. No one of us is trying to live in present. Either we live in past or we live in future and that is the real cause of all of our problems and difficulties and we fear for those things that we have already left behind or expect to have!

Eventually, we all are used to living with fear that snatches even the little happiness of today-this moment-and makes people more like statues or shadows of their own selves. It is this fear that makes our mind to perceive and conceive things in accordance with the worries that are borne out of our presuppositions.

Life is too short to be unhappy and the beauty of the process is the process, neither the result or the history of it. All one can do is to live best in the moment that is here and now rather than caging oneself in the past of in the future.

The writer is Lecturer, Department of English, Govt Degree College Handwara and can be mailed at

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