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Yasin Malik contests govt claims on security withdrawal

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Photo/Javed Khan

Srinagar, Feb 21: Jammu Kashmir Liberation Front (JKLF) chief Muhammad Yasin Malik on Thursday contested the government order of withdrawing his security, saying that he never enjoyed any government protection.

In a statement, the administration last night said that the security of 18 separatist leaders including Malik has been withdrawn following Pulwama attack.

Addressing a press conference here today, Malik said that he had turned down the repeated offers by the police to provide him security.

“Every time they offered me security, I turned it down. I strongly believe that the life and death are in the hands of Almighty Allah,” Malik told media at his Abi Guzar office.

“It is unfortunate that lies are being spread that my security has been withdrawn. I want the government to prove as to when and where security was provided to me. In case these attempts are aimed at intimidating us, then I want o make it amply clear that we don’t fear death given our passion for freedom,” said Malik.

Malik said he refused to accept security when the “higher-ups” of local intelligence agency (CID) approached him and insisted to accept security cover after the attacks on Fazalul Haq Qureshi and Moulana Showkat Shah.

“In 1996 SP CID came with the official letter of IG CID and offered me security, but I refused. After assassination of Moulana Showkat, SP CID again visited my home – this time with ADGP CID’s letter offering security, but I again refused and even gave in written that I don’t need any security cover in future as well,” said Malik.

“Journalists who used to visit my home on and off and cover my programs and events are witness to the fact that I never had any security cover. So the Home department’s letter in which it is mentioned that my security has also been withdrawn took me by surprise,” added Malik.

He also questioned the government’s assertions that separatist leaders enjoy medical and other facilities provided by it.

Govt spreading lies about Geelani’s security cover: Hurriyat-G

Srinagar, Feb 21: Hurriyat-G on Thursday said claims about withdrawal of security to Syed Ali Geelani are a “brazen lie” that one couldn’t help but laugh at.

In a statement here, Hurriyat-G said that that Geelani was neither provided any security nor has he ever requested it. “Delhi rulers and their local stooges always try to hoodwink the world with unrealistic and false propaganda by their paid media houses,” the statement said.

It said Geelani continues to be confined in his house for the last nine years. While the police is “forcibly occupying” the gate of his residence, “claiming it to be the security is a ridiculous report that the government and its agencies should be ashamed of.”

Hurriyat-G said similar false statement was aired by “jingoistic” media channels during 2014 floods when they claimed that Geelani was rescued by Indian Army. “But this brazen lie was exposed when everybody here knew that Geelani’s residence was safe with no flooding in that area,” the statement said.

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