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PDP urges Governor to fulfill demands of NHM employees

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Srinagar, Feb 14:  Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) on Thursday urged the Governor administration to fulfill the long pending demands of the NHM employees and termed their grievances genuine and concerning.

In a statement issued here, PDP Vice President Abdul Rahman Veeri said NHM employees have been discharging their duties earnestly and have battled all odds in catering to the medical needs of the patients hailing from far flung areas of the state.

Veeri said the fact is undeniable that the NHM employees have been rendering worth to hail services and their issues cannot be put in a cold storage by those at the helm.

Urging the Governor administration to address the issue of these employees on humanitarian grounds, Veeri said it is not the employees only who are suffering at present but their families and children too are bearing the brunt.  “Therefore it would be prudent  to address the pending demands at an earliest so that the health system which already is crises ridden in the state doesn’t get affected further,” said Veeri .

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