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Education activists stage protest against detention of students in 10th class exams

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Ganderbal, Jan 07: Education activists from various parts of Kashmir today staged a protest here against detention of “over 13000 students in 10th class regular examination”, result of which was declared recently.

The protesters said that education department is claiming that they have obtained good results in government schools comparative to previous years. “How could it be considered good result when more than 13 thousand students were illegally detained? The number of left out students is huge. It is a failure on part of our education system,” the protesters said.

One of the protesters, Suhail Mehraj, said: “More than 13000 students were considered weak in studies. But why were they left out .The students needed more attention and there should have been special classes for such students.”

“Our education system has let down these students .They have been demoralized,” he added.

Suhail Khan, an RTI activist said, “As per Figures from the State Institute of Education (SIE) more than 53000 students passed 9th standard examination in 2017 and only around 26000 students among them appeared in the examination. There may be some percentage of dropouts, but why were remaining students barred from the examination. Around 25% students were illegally detained in the exams.”

He questioned: “How can education department claim to be producing good results?”

“Governments schools are boosting 17 % increase in pass percentage but it is just an illusion. Government should put robust policy to improve education system in Kashmir rather using these tactics,” Khan added.

The protesters demanded a probe and sought justice for the students

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