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Budgam youth’s snow sculpture depicts pain of Kashmiris

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Sculpting snow not for fun!

Budgam, Jan 05: Every time when it snows in Kashmir, people come out to carve snow designs just for fun or some other reason; but in Budgam a youth did something out of the box by making “Statue of Pain”, which according to him depicts the pain and sufferings of Kashmiris.

Keeping in view the contemporary scenario, Mohammad Yousuf Najar, a youth from Chana Mohalla here in township stunned all after creating the eye-catching sculpture.

After the steep rise in bloodshed in Kashmir, the people particularly youth have started using snow as a medium to express their feelings.

Likewise, offering a reddish look, the sculpture in Budgam holds the base of five feet pillar and two feet map of Jammu and Kashmir which is gently placed atop the column. Najar sprinkled food colour (red) over it to represent the bloodbath. He has also attached a piece of cardboard reading “Statue of Pain #Kashmir” on the front side of the sculpture.

The magic of the design is grabbing the attention of every passer-by. “It’s our age old suffering deep rooted in Kashmir conflict which determine our talent, art, creativity, experience even our very life ultimately,” said Najar.

“We make use of everything available to us to showcase what Kashmir actually is. The ‘Statue of Pain’ is exactly what the people of Valley have been rendered to by the varying politics at the cost of the ultimate blood of Kashmiris.”

Irfan Ali, who along with others was collecting snow for the sculpture, said, “Some make snow designs for fun but we did it to exhibit our talent and express our state of mind.”

He added that the name “Statue of Pain” struck their mind from a recently inaugurated “Statue of Unity” in Gujarat.

Meanwhile, the making of snow sculptures is not new to Najar. His neighbours said that he creates something unusual every year.

“Last year, he came up with a snow sculpture depicting the map of Kashmir,” they added.

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