Wall of Kindness!

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By: Nazim Humayoon

Primarily, a wall is meant to create a boundary or a demarcation but there is a concept, very encouraging and inspiring, called as ‘’Wall of Kindness’’ which is believed to have begun in Mashhad Iran and travelled to various parts of the world. It was the year 2015 when Iran was facing an economic crisis, and the same worsened with several negative consequences with many even unable to buy clothing for themselves, that an idea to honorably donate cloths for those who might not be in a position to buy and the simplicity of idea was not just applicable but inspiring as well. Donors would hand extra cloths on a wall and those who were in need would silently come and pick what they needed.

While the initiative caught the eye of media in Kashmir, the effort is definitely praise worthy as people have been flocking the spot in their honest attempt to share and donate whatever extra that might have.

A concept which originated from Iran reached many cities of Pakistan, China, Rome and Jordan and very recently, it reached Kashmir too. People volunteered in painting walls and hanging clothes on them. In India, similar walls were seen which were named as ‘’neki ki deewar’’ in many cities, like Chandigarh, Kolkata, and Uttrakhand.

Not limited to clothes only, but books, eatables, and footwear have also been a part of this too. A very righteous and praiseworthy concept to help those who are not capable to suffice their basic needs, the catch line- “Hang what you don’t need’’ and ‘’Take what you need’’- the concept is based on love, care, and sharing.

If we do not need something, instead of discarding it as trash and throwing away, it can be given to someone who may be in dire need of that thing.

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