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Bisma Parveez, 26, a self taught artist of Kashmir is all set to the journey of art. Bisma finds Art the only way in which she can express herself completely.

“We all have different ways to express ourselves. Art is my way of expressing my feelings, emotions & my ideologies. Being an introvert I was never able to express in words. Art gave a vent out to my strong & passionate emotions,” says Bisma, who recently completed her Masters in Mechanical Engineering from National Institute of Technology (NIT), Srinagar.

Being a nature lover, Bisma was always inclined towards mesmerising landscapes of Kashmir which inspired her to put them on canvas.

“It is both natural beauty of Kashmir and the ugly situation of pain and suppression that trigger my emotions and inspire me to draw,” She adds.

Through her art-work Bisma aspires to work on the dying handicraft of Kashmir. She wants to sensitize people about its importance and opportunities it can provide.

“I am discovering new inspirations for my art-work with time. My recent work is inspired by Kashmir’s handicraft sector which is dying slowly. I want to revive our culture through my art,” She says.

Talking about the opportunities of art here in Kashmir, Bisma believes the lack of awareness of art among local masses is the reason why art is not flourishing in the Valley.

“As a young artist it is my responsibility to make people aware of the power that art holds. We artists must not only work on art but also should make people understand its importance,” she says, adding that art is for everyone. It can carry the message globally without using a single word.

Bisma is also selling her art-work online. There are many buyers of her work too. Besides this, Bisma recently exhibited her work in an international art exhibition which was held in Jaipur.

“I sell my paintings online to the art admirers. Especially Kashmiri people living abroad prefer to buy my paintings. They feel connected to Kashmir through them,” she said,.

Bisma terms frequent local art exhibitions and social media a tool which can be used to make people value the art and artists.

“Through our continuous efforts we can make people to fall in love with art & motivate them to value it. Only than people will understand and invest in this field,” she adds.



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