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Budding Artist: Ghazala Fatima

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Ghazala Fatima is a Delhi born Artist currently working in Kashmir. Her paintings are generally surreal representations of forms of nature mostly trees. According to her, her paintings are usually visual depictions of her love towards nature. “ I am fascinated by nature mostly trees and I try to be as honest as possible towards my perception of nature” She said.

In 2014 Ghazala Fatima pursued her Masters degree in Fine Arts Painting from Jamia Millia Islamia New Delhi.  Since then, her work has been exhibited in various group and solo shows across India and received a great appreciation for her paintings including best oil painting award from ‘International Creative Art Centre’ Mumbai.

Alongside with painting Ghazala has conceptualized and created a series of drawing books working with “Millennium Book Source pvt. Limited”, a publishing house in Delhi, entitled Millennium’s ABCD (AnyBody Can Draw). The series comprises of ten books for school children right from 1st to 10TH standard.

Ghazala is a promising artist, with her skillful hand and creative imagination she is definitely going to create way in the art world for many to follow.

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