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Snowfall aftermath!

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Srinagar: What the people in Kashmir Valley faced following Saturday’s snowfall needs an expression. But our vocabulary fails us. So we are reproducing what a renowned poet of Kashmir, Ali Shaida, has to say.


Barf Dou Inch Se Daar Gaye Bijli,

Sard Jhatke Se Mar Gaye Bijli;

Toud Kar Dil Kashap Rishi Ji Ka,

Jambo Lochan Ke Ghar Gaye Bijli;

Unche Tower Ko Bhi Nahi Maloom,

Sedhian Kab Uttar Gaye Bijli.


(Snowfall, though just 2 inches, frightened electric supply,

And a slight cold wave killed electric supply;

Breaking the heart of Kashap Reshi,

The electric supply straightway went to Jambo Louchan;

Even that tall tower doesn’t know,

How the electric supply descended the stairs.)

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