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20th Livestock Census gets underway in JK

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SRINAGAR, OCTOBER 01: Principal Secretary to Government Animal, Sheep Husbandry, Fisheries and Transport department today flagged off the enumeration process of 20th Livestock Census in the State by distributing the 1013 handheld Computer Tabs among the field staff of the said department.

Samoon said that it is for the first time that census will be conducted digitally by using computer tabs and computers for data collection. He also said that digitized census would be conducted by the employees of the departments for the entire process of 20th Livestock Census in the State.

During the Census, extensive field survey will be done by different teams, who will visit every household, non-household, enterprise to record number of animals according to their breeds and other characteristics. This includes domestic animals, data of stray cattle, dogs, poultry, fisheries, small animals and agriculture equipments along with recording on Socio-economic characteristics of the household.

Around 1200 Officers and Officials of the Department have been engaged for the conduct of the census.

Speaking on the occasion, Samoon highlighted the importance of the Livestock Census in planning appropriate interventions. He said that with the help of this census, various schemes would improve the quality of the Livestock, promote the welfare of farming community and advance the economic growth of the State in an expedited and efficient way.

Samoon also visited a progressive woman dairy farmer Kausar Jan in the heart of the city whose sole income depends on livestock rearing and dairy farming. He also conducted first registration for monitoring the actual enumeration process. He said that such farmers are examples for others, especially unemployed youth, as she is rearing livestock in the heart of the city for her livelihood.

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