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Altaf Bukhari living in ‘wonderland’: Abid Ansari

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‘He should get his arithmetic right before day dreaming’

Srinagar, Sep 14: MLA Zadibal Abid Hussain Ansari trained guns at his former PDP colleague Friday saying that Altaf Bukhari was living in a wonderland cut away from the reality.

Lashing out at Bukhari, Abid Ansari asked him to get his sense of arithmetic checked before “day-dreaming under the fig-leaf of a moral stand”0 that belies PDP’s U-turns vis-a-vis its alliance with the BJP.

“While Mr. Bukhari has a democratic right to day-dream about alliances and also has a democratic right to live in a delusion, he should know that more than 15 MLAs of his party are in constant touch and won’t allow people like him to enact yet another farce with the people of Kashmir. For Bukhari to assume that PDP can be the architect of yet another fraud and that the people would tolerate such a fraud speaks volumes about his disconnect with ground reality,” Abid Hussain Ansari said in a statement issued from Srinagar.

He said that PDP has “shamelessly” changed its tune vis-a-vis BJP depending on them being in power or being thrown out of power unceremoniously.

“When PDP campaigned for the 2014 Assembly elections they portrayed BJP as a monster ready to devour Kashmir and its stentorian rhetoric revolved around its promises of not allowing BJP to come to power in J&K. Immediately after the elections, the same PDP leadership allied with BJP and sold their decision as one taken in the best interests of the state.

“For people like Bukhari and the PDP leadership of the Mufti family, BJP is communal and dangerous when PDP is out of power and is noble and progressive when PDP is in an alliance with them. The people of Kashmir have had enough and have no tolerance or appetite for this utter nonsense and rank opportunism anymore,” Ansari said.

“Bukhari, while conjuring up a possible alliance between NC and PDP, might yet again be aspiring to be the Chief Minister – a chronic delusion that enacts itself in his mind every six months. Despite being sacked from the Cabinet, Mr. Bukhari has not realized that all his wealth and purchased votes cannot negate the fact that on ground he remains a political non-entity as far as mass support and grassroots democracy is concerned.

“For a person to aspire for what Bukhari keeps aspiring for – one should have a political constituency not a boycott-dependent miniscule purchased lot of votes that he keeps selling as some sort of a political endorsement for his opportunistic delusions,” MLA Zadibal said.

“It is hilarious and also astounding that PDP and Mr. Bukhari are now portraying themselves to be belated saviors of Article 35-A. When the legal petitions were filed challenging Article 35-A in the Supreme Court, these same people and PDP leadership was so busy in nepotism and clandestine negotiations with power companies for kickbacks that they forgot to even file the requisite affidavits in the court of law.

“Mr. Bukhari and PDP should understand one thing and understand it once for all – that Article 35-A is sacred and non-negotiable for every citizen of the state and the people won’t allow a compromise with it and they don’t need PDP’s fake sympathy to defend it. The challenge to Article 35-A is a legal challenge mounted in the court of law and it will be defended in the court of law without any compromises.

“People like Mr. Bukhari and the PDP should be ware that any attempt to hide their own political opportunism behind smokescreens would have no takers”, MLA Zadibal added.

“For the last three months this Mr. Bukhari knocked every single BJP door in New Delhi literally begging them giving them a menu of options. His first proposal to them was a leadership change that he would engineer within the PDP and which would be acceptable to the BJP. His second proposal to the BJP was to outrightly do away with PDP and take him on board.

“Now, since all his grand proposals have been rejected by the BJP with ridicule and disdain, he is now donning the avatar of the last defender of Article 35-A in Kashmir. Now he suddenly wants to wage a war against communalism that he suddenly sees within the BJP. Mr. Bukhari give the people of Kashmir a break – they have had enough of these dramas,” Abid Ansari said.

He said the people of Kashmir seek a change bereft of opportunism and hypocrisy and this change is imminent and inevitable. “No amount of delusions or farces can change this,” he added.

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