Teacher’s Day

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By: Suhail Ahmad

Every year 5th September is celebrated as “Teacher’s Day”.  Teaching is one of the most respected and valued profession in the world. A teacher is always considered as highly honoured person in every religion and especially in Islam, a teacher has highest rank among all professions.  There is a famous saying of Hazrat Ali (Peace be upon him) “If a person teaches me a single word, he made me servant for lifetime”.

Once Hazrat Mohammad (SAW) was passing by a place, there were two groups. One group was learning something from a teacher whereas the other group was busy in praying. Prophet (SAW) joined the group which was learning from teacher, this shows the reflects the importance of a teacher in the views of the beloved prophet.

On this teacher’s day I would consider myself lucky enough to enumerate some of my teachers who are instrumental in my upbringing both academically, socially and morally.

Prominent among them is Mr Ghulam Nabi Bhat popularly known as Bhat Sahib, who used to teach us Urdu, besides Islamiyat and other social science subjects from very tender age, which he continues to do even today whenever we meet even today. Bhat sahib is very soft spoken and shares a fatherly bond with all his students- a quality that is lacking among most of the new age teachers. Bhat sahib has a special place in the heart of all his students especially in my heart.

Besides him Mr Bashir Ahmad, Mr Farooq Ahmad and Mr Mushtaq Ajab are among few others who also have a special place in my life and my upbringing.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all my teachers for all the efforts they put in to teach me and guide me, academically, socially as well as morally.

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