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We should realize the necessity and value of our teachers in our lives and celebrate Teachers’ Day every year with great fervour to pay homage for great job they do.

By: Dr.Tasaduk Hussain Itoo

We humans are social beings. Therefore society plays an important role in shaping our personality and career. Our society or any society for that matter is made up of relations. As we are born, we become part of our society and are introduced to many relations. Maximum of the relations have a clear cut function. But there is one relationship which is a combination of all relations and that the relation between a studentan ateacher.

The primary aim of a teacher is to impart education. He/she tries his/her best to teach and impart education to students. He has to adjust according to the needs of the students and sometimes has to teach and perform with less or practically no resources. In order to maintain quality of education, a teacher has to prepare notes, do research etc so as to ensure that students are benefitted to the utmost levels.

Teachers are the real holder of knowledge, enlightenment and prosperity using which they nourish and prepare us for our life. It is our teachers who stand behind our success even when they too have lots of daily routine problems just like us and our parents but they always keep their teaching profession as their top priority and attend schools or colleges to complete their job responsibilities. It is very difficult to write the importance of teachers in one’s life because for maximum of us they are the whole world. Nobody can say thanks for their priceless job. So, we as students have some responsibility towards our teachers and the occasion called ‘teachers day’ is a yearly opportunity to extend our heartfelt thanks to this amazing community of people who end the darkness of our lights and bring about the light of reason.

Teachers’ Day is of utmost importance. It is a day to respect and value the efforts of the teachers who work tirelessly and perform their duties to nurture young minds- the most difficult job. They are given a class full of students. Each student is unique and has a different calibre. Some students may be good in Sports others could be Maths genius while others may show keen interest in English. A good teacher helps the students explore their interest and identify their capabilities. She/he encourages the students to hone their skills in the subjects or activities they are interested in and at the same time ensures they do not neglect other subjects or academics as a whole.

Teacher’s day is a great occasion for celebrating and enjoying the relationship between teachers and students. Now a day, it is celebrated with the big enthusiasm and joy in the schools, colleges, universities and other educational institutions by both students and teachers. Teachers are given lots of wishes about long life from their students. In the modern time the celebration strategy of the teacher’s day has been standard. Students become so happy at this day and plan for the way of wishing their favourite teachers. Some students wish their favourite teachers by giving them gifts, greeting cards, pen, diaries, etc. Some students wish their teachers by sending them audio messages, emails, video messages, written messages, through online chat, social media websites like Facebook, twitter, etc. Someone just say “Happy teacher’s day” orally to wish.

Being a medical doctor by profession – I feel emulated, enlightened, passionate and victorious being a teacher. When I became a teacher on India’s largest online education platform called UNACADEMY, I could feel a sense of honour and privilege. Due to my passion, energy, perseverance and dedication towards teaching – the impact created have been huge and I ended up teaching thousands of students around the globe. I was selected among Top Educators and bagged “Top Educator Title cum Award 2017”.

We should realize the necessity and value of our teachers in our lives and celebrate Teachers’ Day every year with great fervour to pay them homage for great job. Teachers are more than our parents who mold our mind towards success. They become happy and get their success in life only if their dedicated students go ahead and spread teachers name all over the world through his activities. We should follow all good lessons in our life taught by our teachers.

The writer is Medico/Activist/Educator at Unacademy and can be mailed

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