Rayees Ahmad

Residents of Seer-Hapatnad worst hit due to dilapidated road condition

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Pahalgam: Amid tall claims of the government of providing better road connectivity in the health resorts of the valley, Seer Hapatnad road falling in Pahalgam constituency is in a dilapidated condition as it has developed ditches and holes causing inconvenience to the commuters.

This road connects nearly ten villages like Mangam, Salia, Panzmulla, Brad and Hapatnad to the main town and the residents have to face immense hardships to reach their respective destinations.

The residents alleged that the bad condition of this road is creating problems for the children, ailing people and elders during rainy season.

The residents of the said area alleged that the work of maintaining the road has been allotted a man who started the repairing work on this road one year ago but practically did nothing.

When contacted, Chief Engineer R&B Kashmir, Sami Arif said, “We are not only repairing the road but also widening the road and planting underground pipes for proper drainage that consumes lot of time. The residents should keep patience, no doubt the public is worst hit but we are leaving no stone unturned to repair this road as soon as possible.”

“People are complaining about the problems they are facing but at the same time they need to understand that we have put both machinery and man power in action to ensure the speedy repairing of this road and macadamized it in a short time”, he added.

The residents added that the previous government also assured to repair this road but the situation is still unchanged as the problems like non maintenance of roads, water pipes, development of ditches and holes on the major part of the road have not been repaired yet.

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