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The artist in Making- Andleeb Mushtaq

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SRINAGAR, Aug 18:In school, art was her favourite activity. Her notebook used to be full with her tenderly drawn artworks. Andleeb Mushtaq, 19, recalls her journey in the realms of art which she remembers in fine details.

“I remember I used to finish a drawing notebook in just a week and then my mother had to buy a new one. Art was never my hobby it is my passion,” says Andleeb, who recently passed her 12th grade.

Art holds a special place in Andleeb’s life. Her first ever earning was also from art. “I used to take orders of sketches from the people who also used to pay me but later I shifted my focus from human sketches to other genres of art like painting,” the young artist adds.

With the passing of time, Andleeb is gradually growing as an artist. Her works have become more focused now. Earlier she used to look at different artworks and draw her inspirations mostly from such works but now her approach has become more streamlined and imaginative.

“My commitments towards art are also getting strong with the passing of time.  I keenly observe things that happen around me and the same gets reflected in my artwork be it daily life, religion or any other aspect,” she says adding that she also likes to highlight the social issue through her art-work.

Talking to ‘Kashmir Images’ about the scope and attitude of masses towards art, like all other young artists of the Valley, it seems to be a matter of concern for her too.

“I want to pursue further studies in fine arts only but unfortunately here in Kashmir, we don’t have any special art colleges except one in the university which has less intake capacity. In intend to graduate from an art college which can provide intensified art training,” she adds.

Expressing her concern towards the limited career choices in Kashmir specially in the field of arts she says “take my example as we do not  have many choices here in Kashmir for fine arts, I don’t want  to adjust myself in some other stream and my art becomes a casualty.”

“My friends who have studies fine arts are jobless which makes me even more worried. I wish for times to change. I wish this field to be self-sufficient enough so that no artist has to look for other means of income rather than his/her artwork,” she hopes.

Andleeb Mushtaq

But despite all the challenges, Andleeb is hopeful that she will continue to grow as an artist and wishes to make a name in this field. She believes in creating a work which is colourful, positive and reflects hope.

She has also started to exhibit her works at different exhibitions. In her last exhibition she sold some of her artworks too.

“In my first ever exhibition, my artwork was sold instantaneously. I received an over whelming response from people. I want my work to touch hearts of people. My approach has always been toward positivity and hope. I always prefer to paint something which gives me and everyone who sees it a peaceful vibe,” she adds.








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