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Geelani criticizes banning of TV channels

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Srinagar: Hurriyat G chairman Syed Ali Geelani has criticized the ban on media and TV channels describing it ‘fascist approach’ to pave way for Hindu Rashtra.

In a statement issued here, Geelani said that even channels specified for religious preaching and teachings were removed from air which is ‘direct interference in religious matters.’

Geelani stated that these unjustified steps are warning signals for ‘us and we should introspect over these developments, lest they will change the very basic fabric of our society.’

In a separate statement, Geelani expressed his deep concern over ‘vandalizing residential houses’ in Moshwaar Keller village of south Kashmir’s Shopian district.

Geelani blamed forces ‘for waging war on people’ and appealed international community to take cognizance.

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