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Fresh ‘hospital supply’ medicines found dumped in Gogaldara forests

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People sense; big fraud’, demand probe

BY: Mushtaq-Ul -Hassan

Tangmarg: In what could be termed as a strange event, the locals of Tangmarg, Tuesday, found a stock of fresh medicines dumped in the forests in Gogaldara village, 15 kms away from main town.

According to the locals here, some villagers, while on a routine roam around in the village forest, cited piles of medicine packs dumped here in the forest. While observing the stock more closely, the locals were surprised to find out that nearly 90 percent of the medicine was valid and just 10 percent had expired.

The packets, the eye witnesses claimed, had imprints of ‘hospital supply’ on them which, they added, confirmed that the medicine was hospital supply and thus meant for free distribution among patients attending hospitals, health centers and dispensaries.

Sensing some ‘big fraud’, people have appealed the authorities to intervene and investigate the matter indicating that the dumped medicine might have been the supply for either of the two hospitals, including Tangmarg Sub District hospital and Kunzar Public Health Center, which are in the close vicinity of Gogaldara.

Pertinent to mention that the piles of the dumped medicines were found on the banks of a local fresh water stream that serves as the main drinking water supply for nearly half a dozen villages. People have expressed their apprehensions of outbreak of some disease or infections.

While talking to Kashmir Images, the Block Medical Officer, Dr. Sabha Wani, claimed that the medicine supply did not belong to either Tangmarg or Kunzer hospitals and added that there was no such sign to indicate that the supply was taken out from the storeroom of any of the hospitals here.

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