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The unholy alliance between PDP BJP responsible for damages to the State: JKPCC

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Srinagar: Reacting to the withdrawal of support to PDP, the J&K Pradesh Congress Committee (JKPCC) today said that both the coalition partners have never been on the same page from the day one, resulting into deterioration in the situation.

Commenting on the pulling out of BJP today, the J&K Pradesh Congress Committee (JKPCC) President G.A. Mir in a statement said that BJP cannot escape the responsibilities of the damages caused to peace in the State.

The differences on the issues between the PDP BJP has remained the source behind the deterioration of the situation, now the BJP has pulled out from the Govt after ruining the State, the statement said.

“The unholy alliance between PDP BJP   has caused lot of damages to state in every respect, pulling out from the Govt will not save the sinking boat of BJP”, G.A. Mir said.

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