Ufaq Fatima

Budding artist

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As a child, she would be fascinated by artworks.  Questions like who does these artworks and how would pop up in her mind quite often and her curiosity grew by the passing of time. Slowly and gradually she became aware of various nuances of this field and found herself in search of her own medium.

Nazia Shah, 25, was a kid when her mother found out that she was inclined towards drawings and colours. “My mother has more vivid memories of when I began to draw. She says that I used to spend hours in my room drawing pictures. Art is with me since then,” says Nazia, a fine art student at Kashmir University and a promising upcoming artist of Kashmir.

For Nazia art is a language through which she describes herself. “When words fail me I describe myself through my art. Art understands what society does not. Things which are meaningless for society can be precious in the world of art,” she says.

Nazia has done her Masters in Chemistry but for her love for the art, she decided to opt for fine arts in her graduation. Since then she has created many artworks which have been exhibited at many places in Kashmir. Her series of artwork was also recently published in a local online magazine.

Nazia drives her inspiration for art from common little things around her. “Everyday inspires me. People around me, their emotions, struggles, even my homeland Kashmir inspires me to draw,” she adds.

For her, any art piece she creates is never a pre-planned thing. “I do not particularly think what my artwork would be. I just take my brush and go into some other world. I never do a thought process before making an artwork. It just happens,” she says.

Talking about her favourite artists she says the mindset and the artwork of famous artist Vincent van Gogh, a famous Dutch Post-Impressionist painter, is what moves her most.

Like many other young artists of Valley Nazia too belongs to a field which is very less appreciated and less recognised here. “People do not understand art here. They think it is sort of time pass or hobby for me. The acceptance of art and artistic profession is yet missing at the societal level.  However, from last few years young artists are getting space be it on social media or café exhibition but still there is a long way to go,” Nazia adds.


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