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Kashmir private schools in Kashmir collaborate with 3 IT companies

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Srinagar, May 15: In a bid to counter the frequent closure of educational institutes, the Private Schools Association of Kashmir (PSAK) has collaborated with three IT companies, an official said today.

The PSAK has tied up with Tech Avant-Garde, Microsoft and Efeeonline companies, PSAK president G N Var told reporters.

Var said the association felt that during the last few years, the situation in Kashmir has turned really bad for the education sector with weeks and even months of forced closure of educational institutes happening per year.

He said there were no efforts by the government or anyone else to help schools to operate smoothly, despite everybody agreeing that education is a vital part of the society.

“Restrictions, curfews, violent situations have become part of our day to day life now. We are unable to provide quality education to students as our schools get closed even at a small pretext. At times, we cannot even operate buses due to fear of violence,” Var claimed.

“It is in this regard that we are trying to use IT enabled services to counter frequent closure of schools,” he added.

He said the services would not only counter closure of schools but also provide global quality education to students.

“We are living in a conflict zone that we cannot help. But what we are trying to do is to isolate the education sector in a way that it remains largely unaffected,” he said.

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