Sheikh Nissar

Politicizing tragedies

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Individual freedom is ebbing in Kashmir valley due steady government encroachment. Encroachment of individual liberty is the main reason behind, why youth abandon school/college and pickup the gun. The political climate prevailing in valley has affected the personality and development of youth. Fighting between Indian forces and militants is a routine. Youth, children and women, all strata of society have been bereaved and traumatized. The growing dissatisfaction and the atrocities inflicted by government forces incite youth to go through trials and tribulations as well as their heroism. War, violence or any other type of political instability, not only disrupt social cohesion but wreck the very foundation of communities. Inflamed by tales of violence against elderly people, women and children provoke anger and fury among youth. The gunfight between forces and separatist rebels is almost a daily occurrence in this ruined valley and youth bear the brunt. Neither urge for vengeance nor any aim of retribution, then why are youth joining militant ranks? Answer is simple: the youth of valley are aggrieved over exploitive and destructive attitude of armed forces, broken promises by GoI and helplessness of the current political dispensation.

Since its alliance with BJP, PDP appears impuissant. In this state of helplessness, PDP forgot very essence of its foundation. PDP is nowhere near holding the valley’s base of voters anymore; because PDP’s substantial history of standing for self rule has been confiscated by its alliance partner, BJP. Unfortunately, Mehbooba led PDP government went against the aspiration of the people which rejuvenated the idea of separatism and gave impetus to separatist ideology. The party is more entangled in conflict than any other work. Immediately after the death of Mufti Mohammad Syed the simmering tension underneath erupted like a volcano. The negative role played by opposition parties (NC, INC etc) after Mufti Mohmmad Syed’s death had not only challenged the very foundation of PDP but they went on politicizing tragedies and therefore added fuel to the issue. Opposition parties did this also in a bid to escape their responsibilities.

PDP’s alliance partner, despite knowing the fragility and delicacy of the issue, played a very destructive role. Therefore, in my opinion, all political parties are equally responsible for growing instability and political turmoil. The cursed government is unable to feel the cries of wailing mothers.

Deep roots in British colonial policies, frozen in time and not easy to let slip from the memory, Kashmir conflict is one of the greatest humanitarian disaster of the 21st century. It has become the bone of contention between the two rival nations—India and Pakistan— while ignoring the will of indigenous stake holders. Thousands of lives have been consumed, orphanages have been flooded and still this brook of blood is violently flowing on.

Corruption has got impetus, armed forces are enjoying free power and common man has been traumatized. PDP was provided with a golden chance by the youth but it went against the will of people when it fathomed a coalition with BJP. In this way PDP accepted evil passively and it it came with its own costs. In order to end this bloodbath, PDP should accept its short coming and should shed inferiority complex while confronting Modi’s BJP. There is no remedy left for PDP now and it is better to avoid the drift than to swim against the flow. There is nothing left with the present regime which will be able to rekindle hope in the hearts of Kashmiris.

People have come out of misreading and falsify the claims made by both National Conference and Peoples Democratic Party. Both the regional parties appeared frail before GoI. One should keep it in mind that politicians don’t own anything which doesn’t fit in their coffin. In this political battle, BJP polarized Hindus against Muslims by playing religious card. The morally degraded society hit roads to defend a brutal rape and murder of an 8 year old innocent girl- Asifa. It is very disheartening and equally appalling that lawyers who are supposed to uphold truth and justice have gone another extreme in Kathua in defending the brutal rape and killing of Asifa. They have not only brought shame to their profession but have hinted at the morally corrupt standards that we as a society have become.

New Dehli unleashed its hounds that went amuck on roads to destroy both life and property, while both the parties are bound to mere condemnations on social media including twitter, facebook etc. These hounds are somewhere in Khaki while at other place in black gown. On the other hand, Indian National Media is busy hatching conspiracies to display a negative portrait of the valley having no courtesy for facts or figures. The newsrooms have become courtrooms and judgments are passed based on the understandings of those anchors who are mere sadists and buffoon at the hands of a bigger political dispensation. It must be kept in mind that Indian National Media is further deteriorating the situation in Kashmir.

PDP as well as NC should relook their policies and should take some heavy lessons from the past events in order to come on a negotiation table and unite against the murderers of civilians and killers of Asifa. Remember, the politically conscious populations can no more be befooled.

The writer is Post Graduate in Science from University of Kashmir

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