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Don’t expect Kashmiris to buy our narrative: Sanjiv Bhatt

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Srinagar, Apr 02: Questioning the use of bullets on protestors in Kashmir, a police officer who took on Narendra Modi government over 2002 Gujarat riots, on Monday drew comparisons between crowd control measures in the Valley and rest of India.

Taking to Twitter, the 1988 batch Indian Police Officer Sanjiv Bhatt wrote: “Four civilians killed when police opened fire on stone-throwing demonstrators in Kashmir”.

Bhatt said that Kashmiris “cannot be expected to buy our narrative” since two different approaches are used in Kashmir and rest of India.

“Lethal bullets for crowd control in Kashmir, while tear gas and water cannons for the rest of India…and we expect Kashmiris to buy our narrative that Kashmir is an integral part of India!,” Bhatt wrote on Twitter.

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