Today: Jun 19, 2024

Dr.Shiben Krishen Raina

1 month ago

The Crumbling State of TV Debates

In the modern media landscape, political debates should serve as a vital forum for exchanging ideas, analyzing policies, and fostering substantive civic discourse. However, a concerning trend has emerged in recent years

Misunderstandings in Relationships

Misunderstandings can create havoc both in our social and family life. Usually, misunderstandings emerge because of incomplete information or lack of knowledge about the facts put forth. Needless to say, in our
6 years ago


As we keep on using them, modern-day house-hold items like Refrigerator, Washing-Machine, Toaster, TV, and for that matter, any other electric or electronic device etc. is liable to malfunction at any point
6 years ago

Modern-day Writers

When a person is praised because of his prowess, skills and abilities, that’s the real tribute to the person. Some are praised merely due to their ‘utility’ factor, and that’s nothing but
6 years ago
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